Factors to Consider for Synthetic Slate Cost

With the increase in demand for synthetic roofing, there are a few factors to consider for the synthetic slate cost when purchasing a new roof or renovating an existing one. The reasons people choose to use synthetic slate is related to its cost, weight and maintenance.

Lightweight Roofing MaterialsA synthetic or rubber slate roof typically involves lower overall costs than a real slate roof. Real slate weighs much more than our lightweight roofing tiles so shipping costs are increased. The cost to install our roofs is lower since they can be installed easily without any special preparation, and their light weight reduces labor costs because they can be raised to the roof quicker. Our roofs help with cooling and heating expenses so energy savings are also realized.

Generally speaking, our tiles do not require any special handling such as is involved with cutting slate, and they also help reduce waste on the construction site. Additionally, the materials used to produce our tiles can be recycled so their impact on the environment is much lower than slate. Any leftovers or future roof replacement tiles can be recycled rather than discarded.

The ease of maintenance as compared to natural slate is significant. Once our roof is installed, they are pretty much problem free, however, slate can easily crack or break with wind or hail. Our roofing material has high wind and impact resistance while also being fire retardant. This is not the case with slate so significant savings are realized in continued maintenance and possible accidental breaking that may occur with a natural slate roof. 
Understanding the factors of cost, weight and maintenance will help you make an informed decision about your actual roofing needs so contact our customer service with any questions about how our product will benefit your home.

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