Fake Cedar Shake

 DaVinci Shake RoofCedar shake roofs have always been a very popular choice for a roof; however, nowadays they are becoming less popular because they don't possess a fire proof element.

There's no reason why you cannot get the natural shake look with an alternative product like DaVinci fake cedar shake which looks like the original, is durable, is fire proof and costs less.

There are a number of benefits in using synthetic shake roofing. Simulated shake roofing lasts a lifetime and is very easy to maintain. A shake tile roof is also environmentally friendly since it is mostly made from an engineered polymer.

A fake cedar shake from DaVinci can withstand extreme weather conditions and comes with a 50-year warranty. DaVinci Shake also does not split, fade or dislodge even in heavy rains or snow like its natural counterpart.

The design of natural cedar shake is intricately captured in our DaVinci Shake, so much so that most folks cannot tell the difference when it's on your roof. The lines and texture of our fake cedar shake can sometimes even fool the experts.

In areas where there is a danger of wild fires, our DaVinci synthetic shake roofing offers better protection from fire, minimizing damages. The material used in our manufacturing as well as the underlayment that you use ensures that it will melt or get a bit charred but will not ignite.

All of these benefits make DaVinci Shake an ideal choice for people who are looking to replace their roofs with a superior product.  

If you'd like to learn more about DaVinci Shake or about any of our other plastic roofing materials, please contact us directly.

Name: Richard Gray
Time: Sunday, January 9, 2011

Can you provide a list of Roofers that are close to the Bellingham, Wa area

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