Fake Cedar Shake For Your Home

Fake Cedar ShakeIf you love the look of a cedar shake roof, but just cannot the idea of cutting down a number of trees in order to roof your home, then you may be searching for a fake cedar shake product like our DaVinci Shake.

When compared to a natural shake roof, there is no comparison with DaVinci Shake, and here's why...

DaVinci Shake has the authentic look of natural shake and also is as thick as the expensive hand-split shakes, with the width at the butt end coming to 5/8".  We sell DaVinci Shake in multiple widths and pre-mixed color blends.  We derive our color blends from existing weathered wood roofs, so that the colors and hues are as accurate as possible.  In fact, each blend is composed of subtle nuances of the central color tone so that it looks like your roof has been there for years.

Our DaVinci cedar shake roof comes to the job site in factory-collated bundles - including a collation of the color blend and the widths.  Since our product is made from an engineered polymer, your roofer doesn't have to worry about getting splinters or getting broken shingles, as he would with natural shake. 

In fact, because our product is engineered, the job site material waste is very low.  We do not have shingles that break during installation or that are too narrow, like you'd find with natural shakes.

So, as you might have guessed, DaVinci Shake is not only a wise investment for your pocket book, but it is also a wise investment for our environment.

If you would like to learn more about our simulated shake roofing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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