Fake Shake Shingles and Snowguards

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” is a familiar line from a wintertime song heard during the Snow guards neededholidays, but when it comes to a rooftop, there are many homeowners dreading what Old Man Winter will bring when snow comes falling in real life. With icicles clinging to eaves and snow piled high and heavy on roofs, the material covering your roof needs to be built strong to withstand the possibilities of the damage snow and ice can bring during winter storms.

For our synthetic or fake shake shingles, we highly recommend the use of snow guards to keep snow and ice from shifting and thus creating hazardous conditions for those in its pathway, and from potential roof damage as well.

Alpine Snowguards from Vermont is a great resource for protective guards to keep snow in place and everyone below protected. Even if you already have a DaVinci roofs installed, the snow guards work well with our lightweight roofing materials and can be retrofitted to work with your existing structure.

Installation is easy and can be accomplished quite quickly by experienced roofing contractors. If you would like more information about finding experts in your area, give our customer service a call (800-328-4624) for assistance with finding the right snow guard installer for your building.

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