Fake Shake Shingles: DaVinci Multi-Width Shake, Single Width Valoré and Fancy Shake

If you love the look of cedar shake shingles, but hate the thought of having to clean and re-treat it every few years to maintain its appearance, then our fake cedar shake may be just the option your roof needs.

Cedar shake alternative tiles were created as environmentally friendly substitutes to natural wood shingles. The ease of cleaning and maintaining these shingles as well as resistance to natural Cedar Shake Alternativeelements such as fire, hail and wind make them an attractive option. Real wood has many potential issues that can create high maintenance issues for home and building owners and for those of you with busy lifestyles, the ease of maintaining our lightweight roofing solutions will certainly be much easier on your schedule.

We offer three different styles of shake including our Multi-width, single width Valoré and Fancy Shake. The DaVinci multi width tiles offer all the natural beauty of wood in 6 different colors and sizes. They have both straight and wavy contours to provide the variegated appearance of a real wood roof, yet their polymer construction is virtually maintenance free and will not require any special treatments before use. They also are much easier to install and like all of our roofs come with our standard 50 year warranty.

The DaVinci fancy shake tile gives a cedar shingle look that is machine cut rather than hand split like a traditional cedar shingle. The refined edge adds elegance to roofing design through clean, smooth lines on all sides. It is offered in 5 colors and three different widths to suit any roofing needs. The Valoré single width tile is an affordable solution that delivers the same quality expected in our roofs along with the subtle appearance of natural, hand split shakes.

With so many options to choose in our shake shingle line, our customer service is available to answer any questions you may have about how our roofs can fit your building plan and budget.

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