Fake Slate Shingles and Snow Guards

An important feature for those residing in cold climates is having a roof that is wind, fire and freeze/thaw resistant. Natural slate roofs give your home a beautiful and appealing allure; however, this roof can be quite expensive to install and difficult to maintain. At the same time, it is brittle and prone to deterioration by hail, storm and even foot traffic on the roof. Its life span can be compromised due to its tendency to flake and crumble over time when exposed to the elements. One of the best slate roof alternatives on the market today is our composite slate roofs.

Lightweight Roofing SystemsIn areas where snow and ice are common issues in the winter, we recommend installing snow guards to ensure minimal damage to your property and to reduce potential injuries when ice melts and falls from the roof.  Alpine Snowguards in Vermont manufactures snow guards that can be retrofitted for those clients who already have DaVinci tiles installed.

DaVinci believes in retaining the beauty of your home while at the same time keeping it protected without major expense for maintenance or repair. Our synthetic or fake slate shingles have all the natural beauty of real slate yet are strong and sturdy. Many people have a hard time telling the difference between our tile and their natural counterpart as they look almost like real slate. Because they are manufactured using polymer roofing material, they are lightweight and available in a wide array of colors and color blends.

When you add extreme weather protection, practically maintenance free roofing and a 50 year limited warranty together, it makes our tile the perfect material to enhance your property value, add beauty to your building and protect your home at the same time.

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