Fancy Shake Installation – Before You Start

DaVinci simulated shake roofing can function optimally only if installed properly. You’ll find installation guides for our products on the website. You can download these guides and get your roofing contractor to go through them before he begins with the installation of our alternative wood shake roof.

Here are some things that should be done before the actual shingle installation begins.

DaVinci Fancy ShakesDaVinci Fancy Shakes should be installed on a smooth surface and hence the roof deck has to be cleared of all old roofing material.

In colder areas, ice and water shield needs to be installed in accordance with Chapter 15 of the UBC. In areas where the average daily temperature in January is 25° F or lower or where ice buildup is possible, DaVinci requires ice and water shield be installed: from the bottom edge to two feet above the exterior wall line on all eaves, in all valleys, on all gable ends, and around all roof projections. In all cases ice and water shield is required in all valleys, regardless of average daily temperatures or the possibility of ice buildup.

Underlayments also need to be installed before our Fancy Shakes can be nailed in. There are two kinds of underlayment options depending on whether a Class A or Class C grade installation is required. Details about both can be obtained from the installation guide. After the underlayments have been installed, the contractor can then initiate installation with the starter tiles.

For more information download the installation guide or get in touch with us.

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