Faux Shake Shingles Add Natural Beauty

fake cedar shakeWhat is it about cedar shake and shingle roofs that add charm and beauty to a structure? With our cedar shake alternative, you can add the same rustic beauty you’re accustomed to seeing on traditional homes all around the country without all the high maintenance and durability issues found in natural wood shakes.

Natural cedar shakes are known for their high maintenance needs. They require treatments to maintain their color integrity and keep away pests as well as frequent cleaning to keep them looking their best. Our faux or fake cedar shake, as many like to call it, is made from virgin resin polymers that have all the same beauty as cedar without any of the high maintenance requirements. With a 50 year warranty demonstrating its durability, our DaVinci simulated shake roofing tile is made to protect and keep your roof looking good for a long time especially when compared to its natural wood counterpart.

Weather also has an effect on wood shakes and shingles. They are not conducive to protecting roofs in moist climates and can easily be affected with mildew and mold so that rotting can become a real issue when it is used as roofing in these climatic conditions.

With our roofing system, you can expect fire, wind, impact and freeze resistance far superior to natural shake or other synthetic roofing materials. With six different color blends available in five different sizes, you’ll find that our roof tiles will give a refined, charming appearance with all of the beauty of natural wood without all the maintenance issues.

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