Faux Slate Shingles for Your Home

When considering a material for your home’s or building's roof, faux slate shingles can add beauty and elegance that will make you proud to show off your home to friends and neighbors. You won’t believe how our lightweight roofing tiles will not only enhance your home’s appearance but also contribute to protecting your home and family with virtually no maintenance needed. The reason the roof is maintenance free is due to its unique polymer plastic roofing materials made from polymer resins that give the appearance of real slate without the weakness normally associated with slate.

BellaforteHurricane prone areas, in particular, need a roof that can stand up to high wind conditions, and our roof tiles are constructed to resist winds up to 110 mph. They will also resist algae growth from high moisture conditions as well as damage from impact and fire.

Natural slate has a tendency to crack over time, and because it is very heavy and brittle, it is more likely to break should something like a tree branch or limb fall on it. The engineered polymer that makes up the DaVinci tiles are designed to stand up to extreme weather so that falling limbs or hail stones will not damage the roof. 

Another highly regarded feature is the Class A rating of these tiles. This rating from UL and ASTM means that the roof covering is highly effective against severe test exposure. 

See the following video that will show how the Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford informally tested the DaVinci slate roof tiles:

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