FIRE! Need a Cedar Shake Alternative?

DaVinci Shake - Cedar Shake AlternativeIf you live in an area where there is a risk of forest fires or simply don't want to cut down an old tree to put a roof on your house, DaVinci Shake can be a great cedar shake alternative, not to mention an environmentally friendly roof.

DaVinci Shake comes in 5 different widths - 4", 6", 7", 8" and 9" and are all 22" in length.  They have a gradual thickness that starts at 5/8" at the butt and declines to 1/4" at the top of the shingle. 

With the proper underlayment, DaVinci Shake has a Class A (ASTM E 108) fire resistance.  As with all DaVinci roofing tiles, DaVinci Shake is an engineered polymer that has revolutionized the roofing product industry's standard for aesthetics and performance.

Most likely your reason for wanting a shake alternative is because of the fire danger that comes with it, however, you might also be wanting on because of labor, waste and environmental reasons. 


DaVinci Shake is very easy to install, much like natural shake, but without the splinters.  All DaVinci products can be power nailed and easily cut with a utility knife, if need be.  Therefore the labor cost on a DaVinci Roof installation is typically lower than that of their natural counterparts.  You also don't have the hassle of waste with DaVinci.


Unlike natural Shake, DaVinci Shake is consistent in quality and size.  With natural Shake, there are too narrow of shakes or shakes that break during installation and must be discarded.


The high quality shake roofs of years past are getting harder and harder to find.  An excellent quality shake roof has to be made from an older tree.  And as populations grow and the demand for cedar shake increases, younger trees are being cut down and therefore the density of the wood isn't as thick.

When you choose to go with a fake cedar shake roof like DaVinci, you are not only helping to save trees but are also cutting down on the waste that will end up in a landfill from the installation of the roof.

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