Four Things to Consider When Getting a Roofing Estimate

When the time comes for a new roof, there are certain things that have to be taken into consideration, the price being one of the most important. Such a key part of every structure deserves carefully made decisions and the following four tips will help every homeowner find an accurate estimate for their roof:

  1. Lightweight Roofing SystemsContractor experience: Check into the background of the contractor to see if past customers gave negative feedback, or if the contractor has little experience. If either of those are the case, look for someone else.

  2. Low cost doesn't necessarily equate to high quality: A rock-bottom price for a roof is tempting but it's better to think of the roof as an investment. A low price could mean cheap materials used for underlayments and nails, poor craftsmanship, and higher costs for maintenance a few years from now.  In other words, if the roofing materials aren't installed properly, then they will not perform properly.

  3. Warranty details and time frame: Whether you're using polymer roof tiles or wooden shake, make sure that the contractor explains the warranty and the time frame for the project - and get that in writing.

  4. Get more than one estimate: Estimates vary depending on the contractor and materials to be used. Shop around to find the best fit for your home.

To learn more about the things to consider when roofing a home with synthetic roof tiles, contact DaVinci Roofscapes by email or calling 1-800-328-4624 today.

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