Frustrated By The Color Options for Lightweight Roofing Solutions?

Considering a lightweight roofing system for your next roof? Then you are probably faced with several choices, including deciding between a slate or shake profile, and determining what color or color blend will look best on your home.

At DaVinci, we have several options for your roof.  We manufacture our polymer slate and shake roof tiles in 49 standard colors and 7 different profiles - leaving you with a lot of choices.


Lightweight Roofing Solutions


We also understand that so many choices can be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to figure out which profile and color will look best on your home or business.

To help you sort through all of these choices, be sure you go to our online Color Studio to see all of our color options and blends. You can also download our free Color Book filled with a wealth of helpful information.

You might also consider submitting a photo of your home or business to our color expert, and let her assist you with color selections that will go best with the fixed features (stone, brick, foundation, etc.) already on your establishment.

Here's an example of someone that did just that! - Color Help for Garage Addition.

Did you have a DaVinci roof and love the color blend you chose?  We want to see how it turned out!  Please consider sharing a photo of your roof on our Share Your Masterpiece page - be sure to include the reasons why you chose the color or color blend that you did!

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