Get Creative With DaVinci Shake

DaVinci Shake shingles adorn many residential and commercial roofs. However, customers have not restricted their use to roofing alone - DaVinci synthetic shake shingles have even be substituted as siding! Natural cedar shake is a very popular siding option. However, it is not able to weather the seasons very well, and you have to replace it or paint it often.

With our fake cedar shake alternatives, on the other hand, you need not worry about weathering and wear and tear, for these are made of 100 percent virgin plastic. Tough and durable, they can grace your house for years to come. Besides, you need not worry about them looking fake either, as all of DaVinci’s products come in color blends which give them a natural look.

Fake Cedar ShakeUnited Contractors of Andover, MN, a high-end contractor, has used DaVinci Shake as siding on a number of houses with beautiful results. Joe Brozek of United Contractors Inc. recently did an interview with DaVinci. On being asked about his favorite DaVinci job, he mentioned a log cabin he had bought on a lake in Minnesota. The logs could not hold paint any longer and he therefore covered them with plywood and installed DaVinci Shake over them. The house looks fantastic!

Do you want to install our shake alternatives on your establishment as siding? Or maybe you have other creative uses in mind for our faux shake shingles? Contact our customer service department; we would love to hear from you! Please do leave a comment if you have any suggestions or remarks.

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