Hail Damage and Your Roof

The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes reported that hail causes more than $1.6 billion worth of damage to United States residential roofs in a year.

In fact, since 1980, the United States has averaged about 3,000 hailstorms per year with Texas recording 500, Oklahoma 400, Kansas 225 and Nebraska 135.

With this in mind, as a homeowner in these Midwestern states, you might be facing a roof that is damaged by hail and are here on our blog looking for an alternative or perhaps you are just replacing your roof and know you want one that has a high impact reading. Heck, you might even be building a new home and want to start off with the right components.

Whatever your situation is - it's important to understand that roof hail damage is due to the intensity of the storm and dimensions of the hail.  So in other words, we're talking about quantity vs. quality. The Midwest, for example, is known to get ruthless lashings, whereas Colorado, for instance, is affected by the larger hail size balls.

With this knowledge, you can appreciate the peace of mind and assurance that impact resistant roofing can have for your home and the people inside of it.

You'll love to know that our lightweight roofing systems carry a Class 4 Impact rating - the highest rating that you can achieve.

Check out this YouTube video that shows a simulated Class 4 Impact Test:

Are you interested in learning more about our eco friendly roof?  Please get in touch with a member of our customer service team for more information.

Name: Robbins Roofing
Time: Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Great video and information. After your home and roof are damaged from hail it is important to seek repairs before the damage gets worse. Without proper roof repairs you can be in a tricky situation. Make sure after a bad hail storm that you contact a few local roofing companies and get an inspection of the damage. Best of luck!

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