Hail Resilient Roofs

Sunbathing, lemonade and the warm sun eclipse the few summer showers that mar the perfection of the summer months. The showers, by themselves, are quite harmless, but when they come along with heavy gusts of wind and, in unfortunate cases, with hail, they can wreck havoc to your designer roof. What follows are desperate calls to your roofer and to your insurance company.

Hail, in particular, can cause irreparable damage to your roof, turning a perfectly fine roof to a completely damaged one within ten minutes. Our Plastic Roofing Materials carry a Class 4 Impact rating. Class 4 denotes highest resistance to impact, of the like that arises when hail strikes your roof.

Install DaVinci products on your roof and you’ll be surprised to see average-sized hail bounce off the roof. At the end of most hail showers, your roof will look as if it had just witnessed another tranquil day.  Here's a video we snapped of our plastic slate roof enduring a simulated Class 4 test:

What's more exciting about the fact that our plastic slate carries the Class 4 rating? Insurance companies have to settle numerous claims arising from hail-damaged roofs, and therefore offer discounts to those who install good grade roofs, with Class 4 being the best.

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