Hail To The Roof

While it is easy to be swept away by the beautiful summer weather -- bright sunshine, cloudless skies, and early sunrises -- often overlooked are those few days of summer that are characterized by endless rain, and even worse, hail. Bellaforte SlateIn fact, the hail storms of the summer months pose a great threat to the well-being of your roof.

Hail can do a great deal of damage to your roof; often times, this damage is quite expensive. If you live in an area that is frequented by hail storms, the damage may even be more severe. 

While DaVinci green roof systems are not completely resistant to hail storms, they are designed to prevent as much damage as possible. The interlocking structure of a DaVinci composite slate roof carries a Class 4 Impact rating, or can has been tested to endure hurricane winds of up to 175 mph.

Installing a hail-resistant roof will consequently have beneficial effects on your wallet, as well. When you install a DaVinci composite slate roof of a Class 4 Impact rating, many insurance companies will reduce your insurance premiums.

Concerned that your home could benefit from a DaVinci environmentally friendly roof?  Please contact our customer service department with any questions you have.

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