Hailing Your Roof

Did you know that within ten minutes of a hail storm, a standard roof can go from completely intact to entirely damaged? Within those ten minutes, the safety of your family and home is put on the line, simply because of roofing that is not designed to counter rough weather. 

DaVinci Roofscapes, however, provides products that have been tested under such circumstances and are not put on the market if they do not pass. Our slate products, whether imitation slate shingles or composite slate, have especially been tested to withstand torrential rains and winds. Average sized hail stones literally bounce off these roofing tiles.

Standard slate and shingle style roofing tiles manufactured by DaVinci meet the UL 2218 Impact Test and have been granted a Class 4 Impact rating. Hail storms are most often associated with terrible winds, so ensuring that your roof is made of materials that can withstand as much as possible is critical.

Do you believe your home could face the threat that hail storms bring each year? Feel free to contact our customer service department with any questions or concerns you may have.

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