High Rated Roofs

When choosing the right products for your home, it is important that quality is never compromised. Every detail, from the door you choose to even the knobs you pick, is important in ensuring the overall cohesiveness in your home. When it comes to choosing the right roofing products for your home, you may find yourself judging products based on their ratings.  

slate tile roofingSafety, as always, is one of DaVinci Roofscapes's top priorities, which is why DaVinci Roofscapes is proud to announce that several boards and agencies have ranked DaVinci roofing products high on their lists. The Floridian Building Code, for instance, has ranked DaVinci roofing well in terms of its durability for the Floridian wet weather. 

The Floridian Building Code requires that all roofs must be able to endure winds that can sometimes be even 175 mph. All of our DaVinci Roofscapes products are tested on impact and comply with standards in the windiest parts of the country. It is important to understand that the products you choose for your home not only protect your home but also protect you. Whether you are looking at sustainable roofing or manufactured slate tile roofing, choosing DaVinci Roofscapes is the right decision.

If you are curious as to how a DaVinci high-ranked roof could improve your home, especially if you live in the windy Floridian weather, please contact our customer service department with any questions you have.


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