Hip and Ridge Installation

All of our lightweight tiles are rectangles, so they have square ends or 90 degree points at their end.  Sometimes that can be tricky when it comes to an area like a hip that comes to a point.

Of course, we have a solution for this could-be problem. 

As our installation guides lay out, you can either do a standard hip and ridge installation with our lightweight roofing tiles:

Standard Hip and Ridge Installation

Or you can do an alternative hip and ridge installation:

Alternate Hip Starter Step 1

Here's what the alternative method looks like after you have started to lay the remaining portion of the hip tiles.

 Alternate Hip Starter Step 2

Of course, the alternative version takes a little more time, but I also think it makes a cleaner appearance.  Both are as equally functional, so really it comes down to an aesthetic preference.

What do you think?  Is there one way that you prefer more than the other?

Have questions about our lightweight roofing solutions?  No problem - get in touch with a member of our technical department to learn more about how to get this done.

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