Historic Restoration “Slate Alternative”

Historic restoration of roofs involves more than just simple roofing. Older buildings can create tough challenges when roofers began preparing for installation. In places where wind, rain and hail can cause extensive damage, care is needed to make sure that the structure does not have any damage from years of inclement weather conditions taking its toll on eaves, gutters and the old frame.

Slate Gray - Historic Restoration “Slate Alternative”Since DaVinci lightweight tiles are rated Class 4 for impact conditions, they can withstand any tough conditions Mother Nature doles out as evidenced by Christian Brothers Roofing and their recent historic restoration of a 1914 home using DaVinci roofing tiles.

For beauty and durability nothing can compare to polymer roofing materials with the appearance of natural slate. DaVinci tiles provide green roofing options that bring restoration techniques of older buildings into the 21st century. The historic DuSable Museum in Chicago recently was adorned with a DaVinci composite slate tile roof that will keep the 118 year old building beautiful and protected with this roof for many generations to come.

Because of the historical nature of older buildings and the need to preserve the frame and structure, DaVinci is light enough to not cause too heavy a load on the roof. Our roof materials can be handled by the structures effectively whereas slate could compromise the roof’s integrity and not provide the low maintenance ease needed for buildings of this age.

DaVinci Roofscapes invites you to explore the wonderful world of historic restoration roofing on our site and see how our roofing can be added to your existing structures whether old or new.

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