Historic Roofing Materials in the USA before the Advent of Composite Roofing

You can't go wrong with using high quality polymer roof tiles. Engineered with carefully tested resins that have the best impact rating against hail and are designed to withstand winds up to 110 mph, such modern day materials are truly built to last while adding a beautiful touch to every structure. Before the development of polymer tiles, the following materials were used on many American buildings:DaVinci Shake

  • Clay tile: Tiles made with hardened clay were one of the first types of roofing materials used by European colonists in North America. They were a popular material for structures during the seventeenth century due to their fire-resistant nature.
  • Slate: This was used on structures that date back to the seventeenth century but wasn't as popular as clay due to high costs associated with transporting slate from Wales. After railways were developed in the nineteenth century, domestic slate could be used because the price quickly dropped. Slate became a principle roofing material within the United States until cheaper asphalt shingles mostly replaced slate during the early twentieth century.
  • Wooden shingles: This was the most popular roofing material for most areas of the country until the late nineteenth century due to their low cost. Although they were considered to be a fire hazard in urban areas, they weren't viewed as such for rural structures.

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