Historical Restoration Roofing with DaVinci Tiles

DaVinci SlateAlthough many older homes and historical buildings are traditionally roofed with a natural slate or wood shake roof, many architects, engineers and designers are looking to our lightweight roofing materials for historic restoration roofing of homes, offices, universities and museums.

Older homes and buildings that are preserved for their historical significance often need updating after decades old roofs that DaVinci Shakerequire considerable maintenance to keep up their appearance. With our copolymer plastic roofing materials, historic buildings can benefit from modern technologies that protect these roofs and help them last for many generations to come. Our roofs also provide a low maintenance option that will not only beautifully complement the architectural design of a home or building but also respect its structure as well.

Of particular benefit to historical structures is the fact that our roofing tiles are class A fire rated and have also excelled in wind, weather and impact testing performance. These high quality polymer tiles are constructed to withstand anything nature can dish out.

Building owners that are updating their interior and exterior walls will find that our roof will not cause a heavy load on older structures. In fact, its lightweight can help to ease the burden on the framing structure especially since in many cases, steps are being taken on these structures to provide extensive repair to the framing and eaves.

To learn more about our work on restoring various historical projects around the country and also see how our roofs enhance any old or new structure, be sure to visit our site today.

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