How Can I Find the Right Roof Color for My Brick?

It can be a challenge to find the right roof color for any type of structure but it can be especially tough for homes with primarily brick exteriors. Unlike the more uniform colors of aluminum or wooden siding, bricks come in a textured, mix of colors that can make it tough to find a match. Fortunately, DaVinci Roofscapes color expert Kate Smith offers valuable advice on picking out roof tile blends that match the subtle hues and patterns of brick.

Lightweight Roofing SolutionsAccording to Kate, the first thing we should do is take a close look at the color of the brick and view it as having both a basic color and a color cast. While most bricks have some red in them, they can also have tan, brown, gray, and even pink casts. The combination of main color and the color cast determine which roofing colors provide the best match.

For example, if your home or business has brick with a definite gray cast, the roof will look better if gray colored tiles are used. If the bricks have a gold or brown cast, the roof should incorporate warmer colors.

To learn more about picking out the right polymer slate or shake roofing colors for a brick home, see Kate's blog post about it.

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