How Cold is Too Cold to Install DaVinci Tiles?

Plastic Roofing MaterialsWe see a lot of roofs being applied during the warm days of summer and a rush to finish them during the fall because the winter is no time to be working up on a roof. It's freezing cold up there, more dangerous due to slippery, icy conditions, and many types of roofing tiles get brittle and crack while installing them in cold weather. That last reason is really why so many roofers do most of their work during the warmer months. You can dress for cold weather and stay safe with fall protection devices but if the tiles break when you hammer them onto the roof, there's no point in trying to install them.

However, install a roof with DaVinci tiles and a contractor can work well into the winter months. Whereas temperatures in the 40s mark the lower limit for installing some other types of roofing tiles, the tough and pliable nature of DaVinci polymer roof tiles allows for their installation in temperatures that dip to 20 degrees F. Tim Gentry talks about how to install our products in cold weather at his blog.

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