How Could Imitation Slate Be Better Than the Real Thing?

Aspen Evergreen RoofYou may be curious to know how our DaVinci Slate product ends up being a better choice of roofing material than its natural counterpart.

There are a number of reasons why our imitation slate shingles are a wiser roofing material choice than natural slate:


If you are looking for a multi-colored slate roof, then you can expect to pay more in labor costs.  A natural slate tile roof does not come pre-sorted and pre-bundled to the job site.  Therefore, it is left up to your roofer to figure it out.  Usually, a slate roofer knows how to install multi-colored slate tile roofs properly so that it doesn't have a polk-a-dot pattern or end up making your roof have stripes, but not always. 

DaVinci Slate bundles come pre-blended to the job site.  Each blend has been created from studying century-old slate roofs and their patterns.  As a result, each blend is composed with assured proportions in each bundle. 


DaVinci Slate is also very lightweight and can be loaded directly on your roof (if your roofing distributor offers such a service) - this eliminates a lot of the time that roofers use to go up and down ladders to get the natural slate. 

DaVinci SlateLikewise, since DaVinci Slate is so lightweight it is easier to pick up two bundles than the slate bundles.

There is more waste with natural slate.  Slates that have hairline cracks or ones broken during installation have to be thrown out.  Since DaVinci Slate isn't prone to hairline cracks and breaking during installation, it does not have the problems of its natural equivalent.


If you are looking for a multi-width slate roof, then you can definitely expect to pay more with a natural slate because you will be paying for the labor to make sure the slates are of different widths.

DaVinci Slate comes standard in multi-widths - from our factory.  It is sorted according to color blend and size.  So our bundles are not only multi-colored (if you ordered one of our color blends) but also full of different widths of shingles.Aberdeen in Aspen


Natural Slate requires occasional inspection and repair throughout its cycle.  DaVinci, as a 50 year roof, does not have that issue and therefore is problem resistant for 50 years!

For all these reasons, DaVinci imitation slate tiles are even better than the real thing!

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