How Do I Choose the Right Composite Roofing Color for My Home?

Lightweight Roofing SystemsOnce you pick out the right type of DaVinci Roofscapes tile for your roof, the next big question concerns color. For many, this can be a daunting issue, and with good reason. No one wants to make a mistake picking out the wrong color combination, especially when your roof is expected to last at least 50 years. While more color blends to choose from is far better than less, the large number of color combinations available can sometimes make it more difficult to pick out the right color for your roof.

No need to panic, though, because we have some easy solutions to help you pick out a roof color. Start by checking out the Color Studio page on our site. For an informative, much suggested read on finding the right color blend for the exterior of your home or business, download national color expert Kate Smith's "5 Steps for Finding the Right Hue for Your Home". In the book she gives advice for picking colors from the top down, along with her easy to follow color selection process.

After taking some advice from Kate, play around with our online custom color tool. This lets you create your own two to five color blend from a palette of 49 colors, and will help you find the perfect combination for your home.

To learn more about the benefits of using DaVinci Roofscapes products for your roof, contact DaVinci Roofscapes by email or calling 1-800-328-4624 today.

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