How Do You Stagger Lightweight Roofing Materials?

Custom Slate blendOne of the main questions that comes to mind for installation of a new roof is whether or not the tiles will be laid in a straight or staggered pattern. Both can look fantastic and the one you go with ultimately depends upon preference, budget, and the architecture of the structure in question. Although the beautiful Bellaforté slate tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes can only be laid in a straight pattern due to their interlocking mechanism, all of our other roofing tiles can be laid in either a staggered or straight course. While the higher numbers of tiles required for a staggered roof translate to higher costs, staggered coursing can make certain structures look simply breathtaking.

At this point, contractors might be wondering how easy or difficult it is to place lightweight tiles on a roof in a staggered manner. It's actually pretty straightforward to install DaVinci slate and shake in a staggered pattern (even a double staggered pattern), and the process requires little more than taking the right measurements and snapping a chalk line.

The versatility and beauty of DaVinci Roofscapes products makes it possible to create a a stunning roof whether it is straight, staggered, or even double staggered.

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