How Do You Stagger Your Fake Slate?

Lightweight Roofing TilesDaVinci Roofscapes lightweight tiles have versatility. We aren’t the only ones saying so – many roofing contractors agree with us. Our synthetic slate and shake shingles come in a variety of colors and sizes allowing roofers, homeowners and architects to give their creative best.

The arrangement of the shingles is another factor that can add to the variety on your roof. You can either set them straight or staggered. Staggered, generally costs a little extra, but the cost is worth it for the look achieved. How do you want to stagger fake slate on your roof? You can of course stagger it the standard way explained in our guides, which accounts for variation in exposure of adjacent roofing tiles by a maximum of 1”.

However, many roofers have gone ahead and done their own little tests with DaVinci’s tiles and the flexibility they offer with astounding results. One roofing contractor in Colorado tried a double stagger, wherein the exposure was altered to 1” and ½”. Another roofer went ahead and tried a really funky stagger with different colored slates and the look he got would have been impossible with natural slates.

If you wish to double stagger your synthetic slate shingles or give the funky stagger a chance, get in touch with our technical support staff and they’ll walk your roofer through the necessary steps. If you’ve gone creative with DaVinci, share your experience by leaving a comment below!

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