How Does Composite Shake Measure Up to the Real Thing

Shake is a beautiful roofing material. Hand split cedar shingles have been used on homes, churches, and other structures for hundreds of years. However, engineered versions of fake cedar shake have polymer shakebecome popular due to the advantages they have over natural wooden shingles. The following is a comparison between DaVinci resin shake, the real thing, and other brands of the fake variety:

  • Fire resistance: This is the biggest difference between composite and wooden shake. The wooden version has little resistance to fire, whereas resin products have Class A fire resistance when installed with special underlayments.
  • Wasted product during installation: This is one of the biggest differences between DaVinci products and other types of shake. Very few tiles are wasted when using DaVinci shake because they come in multiple widths that make for less cutting and less waste. In the case of natural products and other brands, the lack of multiple widths results in a lot more tiles that need to be cut and discarded.
  • Color blends: Bundles of DaVinci products are carefully blended for beautiful, authentic color combinations. The natural version comes in beautiful colors as one might expect, but sorting has to be done at the job site. This is also the case for other imitation products which also come in only one color per blend.

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