How Does DaVinci Stand Out Beyond The Competition?

DaVinci Slate GrayAs synthetic roofing options become more popular in today's market, there is, of course, room for competition, so you may be wondering what makes DaVinci Slate stand out.

Here are some of the reasons we do:

Pre-Blended Bundles - Since we have a number of color blends, we like to send them to the job site all ready to go for your roofer.  This eliminates any worry about the color blend not coming out right when it is put on your roof. 

Thick Profile - Our slate tapers.  At the butt end it's 1/2" thick.  Of course, the more luxurious and more expensive slate roofs of years gone by are of the thicker variety.  We believe the ticker profile simply helps your roof stand out and helps it look like real slate!

Customizable -That's right.  With our plastic slate roof shingles, you can customize your own color blend or decide to have one color throughout your DaVinci Slate roof.  It's up to you.  We're here to deliver what you need for your roof.

There are more reasons, of course, of how we stand out.  Like our durable polymers, our Class A fire rating, our Class 4 impact rating and the fact that we passed wind uplift to 110 mph.  So we not only stand out aesthetically but also technically!

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