How Layers Of A Roof Work

DaVinci SlateRoofs not only provide shade and shelter against weather but also provide security and comfort to everyone living under it. They complete the entire look of the home or building and depending on the style and quality of the roofing material, can really make a home or building stand out in the crowd.

You may or may not know that a roof is not only the shingles you see on the outside - it also consists of underlayments, sheeting, flashing, and more.

The visible layer of a roof is what you think of as a roof - whether its asphalt shingles, wood shakes, cedar, ceramic tiles, simulated shake roofing, simulated slate roofing or other roofing materials - make up the first layer.  30 lb. felt or other underlayments, which will help in detecting any leak are available in different grades, make up the second layer.  The roof deck, which is usually made of plywood and is nailed to the rafters, is the second layer.  Metal strips or flashing, which are installed around the sides of the roofs, to protect any weather form the fourth layer.

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