How To Decide On Which Roofing Material To Go With

At DaVinci, we know our plastic roofing materials aren't for everyone!  It might be the shape of your roof, the style of your roof or even your budget that doesn't allow you to go with a DaVinci roof, so we've put together ideas on how you can know which roofing material to go with.

luxury roof from davinciThere are many different roofing options available to replace your old and/or damaged roof. It is very important to consider the overall life of the material.

There are many roofing materials, which may be inexpensive but have no stamina and cost a lot in the long run due to maintenance. There are others, which are expensive and need little maintenance. The right choice would be to find a balance between both. You'll want a roofing material that is both long lasting and cost effective for your home or building as well as for your area of the country.

One of the favorite roofing materials among building owners are the asphalt composition shingles. These shingles are relatively long lasting and most of them come with a 30-year warranty.  The cost of asphalt composition shingles is reasonable and they have fire retardant properties. Shingles made from this material are thicker and more textured and look similar to other materials like wood or slate.  Asphalt comes in various shapes and colors and is quite easy to install. Apart from asphalt composition shingles, tile and slate roofs are also a preferred choice.

Wood shingles are very popular and provide a natural look to your house but they require regular maintenance and are not fire resistant.  If you are looking for a great alternative to wood, you might consider DaVinci's simulated shake roofing.

Although DaVinci is not a rubber slate roof, it is a plastic slate roof and will make your home or building stand out in the crowd.  It looks very much like real slate but minus the huge weight and dollar amount. It is very lightweight and virtually maintenance free.

If you choose the right roofing materials for your roof, they would last more than thirty to fifty years with very little maintenance.

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