How to Make Tile Roofs Last

If you live in a seasonal climate, and still want your investment to last the test of time, you need to take into consideration several factors that will ensure your roof is in fact a 50 year Cedar Shake Alternativeroof.  Here we offer some useful tips on ensuring a brand new designer roof looks designer for a lifetime.

1.  Both freeze and thaw issues can be a factor in roof durability, as can extreme heat.  Our lightweight tiles are intended to combat both issues.  Freezing and thawing issues in roof tiles occur when the material absorbs water which then freezes as the temps go down. This results in cracking or palling.  You can avoid this by using tiles that do not absorb any water in cold temps, thus eliminating the freeze thaw problem entirely.  Our products will perform well in the most extreme heat and are accompanied by one of the best warranties around.

2.  Roofing materials should undergo adequate testing to ensure all of these things are adhered to.  At DaVinci, our products are tested extensively to ensure they exceed or comply with industry standards and certifications.  Even better, you will love the impact resistance and fire retardance standards that ensure our tiles perform well under the most extreme conditions.

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