Impact Resistant Roofing

A roof is the barrier that protects our home from the outside elements, acting like a shield on top of a home. We count on that "shield" every time it rains, and especially when those water droplets turn into pelting ice and hail. Although hail might crack older stone slate and asphalt shingles, another little thought of problem is flying debris and tree branches that may impact the roof during severe storms. Many times a flying tree branch that could do serious damage to an old brittle roof will just bounce off a Class 4 impact rated roof.

Tiles that help to protect a home from such disasters are those that have a Class 4 impact rating. A Class 4 rating is the highest possible impact rating that roofing tiles can earn based on the UL 2218 impact rating test. In this test, a steel ball is dropped from specific heights on the roof to see how well the tiles and deck stand up to the impact. However, that heavy ball isn't just dropped onto any part of the roof - it is plunged onto the most vulnerable parts of the roof to ensure that the test is the most accurate it can be.

All of our polymer slate and shake tiles have been given a Class 4 rating and thus help to provide a tough shield for the top of any home or business.

To learn more about Class 4 Impact Ratings watch this video below to see a simulated version of how the Class 4 rating is tested:



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