Install DaVinci In Temperatures as Low as 20 Degrees!

One of the issues that roofers as well as roof owners encounter in areas where the weather Ligthweight Roofing Materialscan get cold is a limited amount of time where they can install roofs.  Many roofs have restrictions as far as how cold it can be when you install a roofing material.  The reason for this is because many materials have the tendency to crack or break when the material is already brutally cold.

However, with our lightweight roofing materials, you can install roofs at much lower temperatures than other roofing materials.

We do require that our slate and shake plastic roofing materials be installed above 20 degrees F.  If, by chance you are installing your tiles in those frigid temps, then the tiles should by installed carefully. They should be stored flat and installed flat. If using nail guns make sure you are not using too much pressure.

The fact that our lightweight roofing solutions can be installed in such low temperatures, allows for new construction to continue to move forward without waiting for winter to pass.

Do you have more questions about how to install our roofing systems?  Please don't hesitate to reference our installation guides which will give you not only tips, but also tricks when installing tiles.

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