Install Snow Guards – Prevent Snow Damage

Plastic Roofing MaterialsThe winter months are delightfully peaceful with evenings spent in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate in hand. As snow falls around you, the thunderous noise of snow sliding off your roof is sure to disturb the tranquility of the evening. More disturbing than the noise, is the fact that passersby or even guests in your home could be the landing boards for these chunks of ice and snow.

Snow guards, installed on your roof, prevent this sudden sliding of snow, instead promoting sustained melting of the ice. They are designed with materials that are capable of lasting through the winter season and come in all shapes and colors, thus blending in with your roof. Easily installable by a roofing professional, snow guards are a mix of style and indispensable functionality.

Whether your residential or commercial structure sports fake cedar shake, fake slate or another sustainable roofing product, snow guards can serve as potential disaster averters and can be installed effortlessly on any type of roofing.

Installing snow guards will ensure that you enjoy your hot chocolate without any thunderous noises to startle you, nor any foreboding of disaster to destroy your peace of mind.

If you've purchased a DaVinci product and would like to get snow guards on your home - please feel free to contact one of our sales contacts or contact Alpine Snowguards directly.

Have you had damage to your landscape, home or car because snow guards weren't installed?  Please feel free to leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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