Installing Bellaforte - It Can't Get Simpler

Our Bellaforté fake slate product line combines the beauty of natural slate and the heightened functionality characteristic you've come to expect with DaVinci products. Installing DaVinci shake and slate shingles is several times easier than that of a natural shingle installation. Any roofer who has experienced what it's like to install DaVinci compared to natural ones will vouch for the ease of DaVinci installation.

Our Bellaforté slates, in contrast to other slate options in our slate product line, have a self aligning factor, which further simplifies the installation procedure. It honestly cannot get simpler than that!

An instruction guide is available which will lead the installer through the Bellaforté installation process. Should that prove insufficient, here’s a video which shows the installation approach step by step.

Though Bellaforté is a quicker installation this video is nonetheless important. Also, when your contractor has an opportunity to view this before installation begins, she or he will know what’s going where and what to do next, and therefore is more confident and the chances of errors decrease considerably.

Do get in touch with our customer service department if you have any questions about our green roofing options. Have you installed Bellaforté on your roof? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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