Interlock For a Strong Roof

Bellaforte SlateWhether you've lived through a hurricane or through a tornado or just have seen the horrifying images on your television screen, you may be looking for a roofing product that can handle abnormal amounts of wind.

We subject our tiles to some crazy tests - like fire tests, impact tests and wind tests. These tests are ones that are established to simulate natural weather conditions that can be found not only in the United States, but also around the world.

When it comes to wind, our Bellaforté is hands down one of the best lightweight roofing systems on the market for handling hurricane-like force winds.

According to the Fujita Scale, tornado wind speeds can range:
  • F0 or a Gale Tornado - 40-72 mph winds
  • F1 or a Moderate Tornado - 73-112 mph
  • F2 or a Significant Tornado - 113-157 mph
  • F3 or a Severe Tornado - 158-206 mph
Our Bellaforté has been tested to handle Force Winds up to 175 mph.
The secret to its madness is its inter-locking system where one tile actually locks into the other tile. So in other words, to the human eye, your roof will look like it is made of individual tiles (and it is!) but what happens is that when they are all linked together - they become a force not to be messed with!

So even though they are lightweight roofing tiles, the way they are designed helps them perform as well as, if not better than tiles three times their weight!

Have you checked out our Bellaforté tiles? How did you like them? Did you think the interlocking mechanism was neat?

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