Interview with High-end Contractor, Joe Brozek of United Contractors Inc. in Andover, MN

Eco Friendly RoofJoe Brozek of United Contractors Inc. in Andover, MN has been installing our sustainable roofing for a number of years, so we asked if he'd be willing to do an interview for our blog.  If you have any questions for Joe, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or two and we'll pass them onto Joe.  Thank you, Joe, for the interview!

1. How'd you first discover DaVinci?

I first saw a sample board of DaVinci simulated shake roofing in my material supplier’s office.

2. What do you like about DaVinci? Color blends? Shape of tiles? Performance?

The color blends are like no other. Before DaVinci's green roof systems came along we were installing EcoStar shakes made by Carlisle. They were solid color, 3 sizes and were so thin they would flutter in the wind. The color blends set DaVinci apart, some real cedar shake installations do not look as evenly blended as DaVinci does.

3. What's the biggest thing that homeowners say to you about DaVinci?

Home owners like the look without having to caulk and paint. Also it is the only product that is impact resistant. Cement board brakes, metal siding dents and vinyl siding cracks. The other nice thing is the price of cement board siding shakes is so high that people can get DaVinci cedar roof shingles for the same price.

4.  Why do you like DaVinci? 

I like selling Davinci because it is different and there is no one out there selling it.

5. What DaVinci products have you worked with? 

I have worked with the Shakes, Fancy Shakes, and the Slate.

6. Which DaVinci products do you like? Do you have a favorite color blend?

All DaVinci products are good and all have a place to get a look that a home owner is looking for.

7. What other roofing products do you install? 

We install all roofing and siding. There is not much that we have not done or will not do. (we will not install a steel shingle roof, they leak).

8. How long have you been in the roofing  business? 

My father has been in the business for 35 years, and I have been doing this for 10 years now.

9. Do you have a favorite DaVinci job?  In other words, a favorite house or building where you installed DaVinci?  Why is it your favorite?  Could you send photos so we can include them in the post?

I bought a real log cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota. I ended up covering all of the logs with plywood and installing DaVinci's shake alternative on it because the logs would not hold paint any more.
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