Interview with Roofing Contractor Bill Powers of Titan Construction to Discuss Lightweight Roofing Systems

Imitation Slate ShinglesThank you to Bill Powers of Titan Construction in Lockport, IL for taking the time to sit down with us and talk about his experience installing DaVinci lightweight roofing.

How did you first discover DaVinci?
I had heard about it as a product several years ago, but only really got introduced to it at ABC Supply in Joliet about 5 years ago at a vendors product demonstration cook-out.

What do you like about DaVinci? Color blends? Shape of tiles? Performance?
The color blends are amazing, that almost sells the product for me once I get a customer to look at it - usually closes the deal. The look of the slate, and even the hand split shake, is as realistic as it can be. In my opinion, unless you have a trained eye from the ground you can't tell the DaVinci slate from the real thing.  

What's the biggest thing homeowners say to you about DaVinci?
"I love it, thank you!!"  After that they usually tell me how good it looks and what it does to the look of the house.  

Lightweight Roofing SystemsWhy do you like DaVinci?
I've got to say there isn't really anything I don't like about it. I know that I am giving my customers the best synthetic product on the market. The science behind the waffle back gives me piece of mind. I have used a couple of the other products out there as well, and twice have had problems with curling later. Before I started using DaVinci I did my homework to make sure that this wasn't going to be another product with a lot of hype and not so much durability.  

Are there homeowners that you wouldn't recommend use DaVinci?
Yes. There are some homeowners who just aren't that concerned about the look of their home. To them it is just a place for there stuff. I usually recommend it to the homeowners who love their houses and look at it as a work of art and want to add distinction to the look of there home.  

What DaVinci products have you worked with?
I have worked with the Slate, Hand Split Shake, Bellaforté Slate, and Bellaforté Shake.

Which DaVinci products do you like? Do you have a favorite color blend?
I prefer the DaVinci Slate. We usually install blends, staggered.

Eco Friendly RoofWhat other roofing products do you install?
We install all types of roofing, siding, and windows. The best is when we get to do a complete exterior remodel. It gives us the chance to create a whole new image for a house, usually one that really needs it.

How long have you been in the roofing  business?
I have been in business for myself for 12 years, however I am a 3rd generation in the roofing and siding industry.

Do you have a favorite DaVinci job?  In other words, a favorite house or building where you installed DaVinci?  Why is it your favorite? 
I have two. One is a simple house here in Joliet where I installed Vineyard Blend in a stagger pattern. This house is about 100 years old and it just gave it style.  That one has my favorite color.  I also have one I did with the hand split shakes where part of the house comes down to the ground as an A-frame gable, that was definitely nice looking.

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