Interview with Stacy Stines of Stacy Stines Roofing in North Carolina

Steep Slope RoofingA big thank you to Stacy Stines of Stacy Stines Roofing in North Carolina for taking the time to do this interview for our blog.  If you live in Valle Crucis, North Carolina or the surrounding areas, you can reach Stacy at 828-387-7770 between the hours of 10am-5pm.

How'd you first discover DaVinci?

A homeowner in Valle Crucis called me to see if I would install the product. He had done his research online and found DaVinci. He wanted to see if I would/could install DaVinci (I had not) and if I had installed similar products (which I had). He asked me if I thought I could do the installation and I told him I thought I could. I then got in touch with ABC Supply in my area and the local DaVinci rep. 

This homeowner went with DaVinci Shake, Tahoe blend and was very pleased. After working with it and seeing it up on the roof, we just absolutely fell in love with the product.

Synthetic Cedar ShakeWhat do you like about DaVinci? Color blends? Shape of tiles? Performance?

I love everything about it. I love the profile and the depth it offers, especially from the ground.  I like that you can bend the tiles slightly and lift them up if you need to and not worry about them cracking or breaking. I like the ridge cap because it covers a lot more and it's bendable. 

In one of the gated communities we work in, they only allow one style and color blend - they allow DaVinci Shake Tahoe and we are required to use the stagger pattern. 


I love the performance because we have had no problems from the DaVinci Shake roofs we have installed.

green Roofing OptionsWhat's the biggest thing that homeowners say to you about DaVinci?

They love the fact that in their lifetime that they will probably never have to roof again. Once they see it on the roof, they fall in love with it. 

Are there homeowners that you wouldn't recommend DaVinci to?

No, not really. It's only for the specific person - more for high end homes. 

What DaVinci products have you worked with?

Slate and Shake. We have used some Weathered Gray and Mountain Blend.

Which DaVinci products do you like? Do you have a favorite color blend?

Lightweight Roofing SolutionsMountain Blend in the Shake. I personally am not that much into slate - that's a choice totally up to the homeowner.  To me, slate doesn't really fit the look and feel of mountain homes for this area.

What advantages are there to installing composite shake versus natural shake?

Well, the weather here is #1. We get as much as rain and as we do sun. With the amount of trees we have around, natural wood roofs constantly stay wet and never dry out. So there are a lot of bug problems as a result.  We have carpenter ants and a lot of times, when we tear off an old wood roof, the roof is crawling with them, but not with DaVinci because it doesn't absorb water.

Cedar Shake AlternativeWhat other roofing products do you install?

Inspire. And we install TAMKO, but not that much anymore.

How many years have you been installing DaVinci?

Since 2007, so about 5 years.

How long have you been in the roofing business?

For about 20 years. My dad was a roofer, so that's how I got into the business.


Do you have a favorite DaVinci job?  In other words, a favorite house or building where you installed DaVinci?  Why is it your favorite?  Could you send photos so we can include them in the post?

Yes, it is an amazing, very unique house. There are about 32 different sections of roof with a lot of valleys, dormers, about every pitch imaginable that you could have. I'm really proud of that job, it's a really good looking house.


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