Introducing The DaVinci Custom Color Tool

If you’ve been around DaVinci Roofscapes website, you’ve come across our custom color tool. At DaVinci, we understand the creative you and therefore know that some architects, homeowners and designers like to come up with color blends that would suit their home or building's individual needs. We’ve done complete red and complete blue roofs and many other combinations with fantastic results.

Our Composite SlateDaVinci Custom Color Tool is designed to help you decide on a color blend using the standard colors we have onboard. You can choose different color combinations to come up with one that’s perfect for your project. You can choose up to 5 different colors for your final blend. We have standard DaVinci color blends too, which you might find interesting if you can’t come up with a custom color blend.

The Custom Color Tool is designed to serve as the first of several steps towards getting a custom blend installed on your roof. You can select your color combination and get in touch with us for different intensities of different colors in the final blend. You can choose to request shingle samples for your chosen blend, so you know what it actually looks like. It is very possible that your monitor screen is configured in a certain way and hence the color you see on-screen might be slightly different from the actual color of the shingle that you're looking at.

Since custom color blends are not stocked, it takes longer to have them delivered than it would one of our standard colors. Also, since unique colors need to be specially made for your project, there is extra fee involved for manufacturing your custom eco friendly roof.

Contact our customer service department if your are interested in DaVinci luxury roof options. If you’ve already had a custom blend installed onto your roof, please leave a comment to share your experience with our readers.

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