Is Cedar Shake Roofing a Good Choice in the Mountains?

Polymer cedar shakeThere's no doubt that a cedar shake roof adds an appeal and charm to mountain homes. But while the beauty of natural shake may be beyond compare, the fact remains that in mountainous areas are prone to wildfires in the spring and summer and heavy snow storms in the winter, cedar shake roofs are not necessarily the best material to use for roofing.

But future mountain bungalow cabin owners need not despair. There is a cedar shake alternative that can safely top mountain homes and getaways without fear that property owners are subjecting their properties to added risk.

DaVinci synthetic shake roofing materials have all the authentic good looks of natural shake along with the ability of a Class A fire rating according to ASTM E 108 standards. That means our roofs are durable and resistant to those wildfires that each year seem to increase in their duration and effect.

And, our roof’s durability and protection don’t stop with just fires. They are also rated for wind resistance up to 110 mph along with Class 4 impact resistance for those pesky hail and ice storms that sometimes present themselves during colder months. Add to those performance standards the fact that our polymer tiles are also resistant to freeze and thaw cycles, and a mountain home or vacation property seems like a much more attractive proposition.

For more information about using DaVinci roofing tiles in your next project, give us a call or submit your inquiry online for contact with our Support Team.

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