Is Rubber Roofing the Same as Composite Roofing?

When people see or hear about our roofing Lightweight Roofing Systemsproducts for the first time, some are under the impression that we make a type of rubber roof. They usually realize that our polymer shake and slate aren't the same as rubber roofs, but they still think that our products fall into the same category.

To clear up that misconception, DaVinci products cannot be categorized as rubber roofs by any means. The difference is pretty basic. Whereas rubber roofs are made with the same stuff that goes into tires and other rubber-based materials, our products are engineered with polymer resins that have been carefully designed to withstand fire, heat, wind, hail, and freeze and thaw cycles.

Although it would be more accurate to call a DaVinci roof "plastic" than "rubber", that doesn't really give an accurate picture of our products either. Maybe it's best to refer to them as a "composite polymer" since that term provides a more accurate name for the advantages that come with using our products. That would be better because compared to a rubber roof, our products may have a higher fire rating, look better, and are more durable.

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