Is Your Contractor Opposed to an Imitation Slate Roof?

DaVinci Slate in AspenSo you got clearance through your insurance company that you can get a new roof installed after the hail damage you received last spring and you also have your roofing contractor setup, but when you told him that you wanted to go to an imitation slate roof, he refused?

Unfortunately, this is rather common.  Over the last decade, there have been some composite roofing failures.  So if your roofer has any tenure at all, then he knows about the failures and if there is one thing a roofer dislikes more, it is "call-backs".  Being called to come back to the home because of a problem with the roof makes a roofer cringe.

Our products went through years of abusive testing and trial and error to make sure we got it right.  Our Vice President of Technical Services, Tim Gentry, was a roofer and ran his own roofing company for more than 20 years before coming on board to help create the product.  He knew all the imitation slate woes of fiber-reinforced cement, fiber-reinforced recycled plastics and the recycled rubber products and advised against going in that direction.

What resulted was one of the finest synthetic slate roof tiles on the market.  We use a polymer mixture that includes UV stabilizers (to maintain the colors in our shingles and to protect them from drying, cracking and breaking) and fire retardants.  DaVinci plastic roofing materials are more durable than their predecessors. 

Certainly, though, we are grateful for the woes of the products that came before ours, as it left us build from the mistakes other roofing products presented.

If you need help convincing your contractor to give DaVinci a try, please contact our our customer service representatives to get some more ideas or simply phone us now at 1-800-328-4624.

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