Is Your Roof Protected From Hail?

DaVinci SlateSevere weather season is here and promises not to let up until late August.

If you live in an area that gets hail, then you know how much damage a short hail storm can do - according to the National Weather Service, the average hail storm lasts about six minutes and causes an estimated $1 billion in damages every year!

Hail does a lot of damage to roofs every year.  In 2005, for example, there were over $2 billion worth of claims for insurance companies!

Therefore, you can imagine why a lot of  insurance companies give discounts to homeowners when they have a roof like DaVinci's that has a Class 4 Impact rating.  And if you're a homeowner that has had their roof replaced numerous times because of hail, no doubt you are sick of having your roof replaced and paying your deductible to do so.

When you go with a DaVinci manufactured slate tile roof, you not only end up with a designer roof all your neighbors will adore but also one that will protect your home in a hail storm. 

Would you like to learn about all the ways a DaVinci roof can protect your home?  Please contact our customer service department with any questions you have.

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