Is Your Roof Ready for Cold Weather

Synthetic Slate CostWhether we like it or not, cold weather is on its way for much of the nation. In some places, the first snows have already fallen so you can never be ready too soon for winter. Even if you have a roof tiled with the most durable polymer slate or shake, there are still some things that need to be taken care of before it gets too cold.

Gutters should be inspected to clear them of any leaves or other debris that accumulated over the summer and fall and checked to make sure that they are properly secured to the fascia. It's best to do that now because once those leaves and water are subjected to freezing weather, it will be a lot more challenging to keep them from clogging up the gutters. If clogged, those gutters won't be able to properly drain melting snow or freezing rain and that could result in other problems.

At the same time it is also good practice to remove leaves, branches, and pine needles from the valley or from behind chimneys or skylights. This tree matter can impede water flow and can discolor the tiles over time.

It is also good to look at flashing around chimney, vents, and skylights etc., to make sure the flashings are in good shape and any sealant is still in place.

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