Is Your Roof Ready for Weather Woes?

Winter started in full swing this year with the Northeast region of the U.S. already hit hard by cold, inclement weather. The concern many building owners have during these frosty times is whether their roof will hold up through the wind, rain and snow bound to hit again throughout the season. Which begs another question – is your roof weather ready?

Durable Composite Roofing TilesProper preparation for winter weather is really a must before the cold season begins. Here are a few tips to follow to make sure your roof is in tiptop shape.


  • Property owners should inspect their roof structure while checking for uneven areas or sagging.

  • Any gutters attached to home or office need inspection to make sure there is no debris such as leaves or branches clogging them. They should also be checked to ensure they are securely attached to the building so that any snow buildup or wet overflow doesn’t pull them from the fascia.

  • Any dips or valleys in the roof must also be cleared of debris that can weigh down the roof and/or create a barrier to snow and rain flowing off the rooftop.

  • Roof vents, stove pipes, sky lights or chimneys should have metal flashing around them to prevent potential leaks.

  • Roof shingles should be checked for missing tiles or curling edges, basically anything that weakens the rooftop to the elements.

For the ultimate in protection from any season’s bad weather, consider DaVinci lightweight roofing tiles. Not only do we offer a 50 year roof warranty, but our synthetic roofing material sheds water to help prevent leaks from snow and ice while also maintaining a high rating for both wind and impact resistance.






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