It Shall Snow No More - From Your Roof!

How often have you looked ahead to a peaceful winter evening by the fireplace? And how often has that evening been disrupted intermittently, not by any change in plans but because of the booming noise of snow sliding off your roof?

Alpine SnowguardsIt is not so much the sliding and noise making of snow that is of concern. What is really scary is the prospect of someone standing under its onslaught just when it decides to slide. Huge chunks of ice falling off your luxury roof are capable of fatally injuring those caught unaware. Having that prospect at the back of your mind, even as you settle in your favorite armchair for the evening can be a damper.

Snow guards are just the thing for polymer roofing plagued by snow. These aesthetically designed roofing products come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are capable of blending in with any and every roof. They promote sustained melting of snow, thus ensuring that what falls from your roof does not qualify as a mortally threatening chunk of ice.

Have you been plagued by slide-and-make-noise snow coats on your fake shake roof or your slate one? You might want to consider installing snow guards. Get in touch with our customer service department for more information.

Do snow guards already adorn your luxury roof? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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