Keep Hail At Bay!

We look forward to summer and the bright sunny days it brings along. Just as the joy, warmth and pleasantness of the summer months cannot be understated; similarly the few dark days replete with rain and, in unfortunate situations, with hail cannot be overlooked.

Summer rains are often heavy and are accompanied by huge gusts of wind and of course, Cedar Shake Alternativehail. Together, they can do severe harm to your roof. Repairing the roof each time it hails is an unnecessary expense which can be easily done away with.

DaVinci Roofscapes' plastic roofing materials can withstand hail and wind to an extremely high degree.

The high quality of DaVinci products is officially recognized by the Class 4 UL 2218 Impact rating its achieved. DaVinci sustainable roofing products have been credited with a Class 4 Impact rating, which is the highest rating awarded and indicates extremely high resistance to impacting onslaughts, as experienced when it hails.

Because of the high frequency of summer rains, it is essential that your roof is strong enough to bear the attack. By switching to something like a DaVinci manufactured slate tile, you will not only be spared from the unnecessary repair expenditure and worries, your wallet will also thank you. How? Many insurance companies offer discounts to those who have Class 4 Impact rated roofing.

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